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Corona de Atarfe

Are you looking for a calm and charming hotel only a few kilometres from Granada? Hotel Corona de Atarfe is the best option, since it is located in the Vega de Granada's region, only 10 km from the Granada's capital.

La Vega de Granada

This area includes lots of cultural and environmental values, such as River Genil and its tributaries that allow you to enjoy the nature and the surroundings while you visit one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country.

La Ermita (chapel) de los Tres Juanes

Our hotel includes incredible views of this important monument, the most popular religious building in the region, located on top of Castillejo hill. From the overlook, you can admire the green natural landscape, including some nearby town.

Granada and its past times

Do not forget about visiting the Alhambra, the eighth Wonder of the World, which captivates everybody who comes to check its beauty and magnificence. You can choose a personal option to visit the area on your own or to select a guided tour with a professional guide person.

The capital of the tapas

Granada, a city that is well known because of the tapas, presents itself as an attraction to tourists and visitors who are looking for appealing bites. Therefore, it offers a wide range of tapas routes that go along the most important streets and restaurants where you can ask for tasteful choices. Small fried fish, Iberian ham, eggs with ham... any option you can imagine!